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Last year we turned 22 years old as a family business. And maybe, yes, we are a little older and wiser, but we still have a spring in our step, especially when it comes to tackling issues which concern conservation and the environment.

Plastic use and its abuse is one of the main concerns of this century but it is one that collectively as manufacturers, we could solve if countries and companies began to work together to make the right decisions and force change quickly. At Walters we have always been proud of the work we have done to support conservation and the people in our community – so the fact that we use 20 tons of plastic in packaging each year does not sit well with us.

We know we cannot tackle the whole problem, but we have decided to focus on the one area where we knew we could make an immediate difference. Non-recyclable plastic is one of the largest contributors to litter and landfills so if waste plastic is given a worth and can be turned into something that has value, the plastic of the future will not be sent to landfills.

The important thing about honey...

For the past decade, Walters has been working to create sustainable beekeeping partnerships with African beekeepers and farmers, to ensure that the bees making our honey live happy lives and that the communities that care for them benefit from this valuable African resource. Walters supports local beekeepers in the picturesque Northern KZN Rift Valley, practicing ethical beekeeping practices and using hives donated by Walters. Our Zambian honey originates from the sustainably harvested beekeeping project in the Miombo Woodland.


Two years ago, we constructed our own bespoke nut cracking facility on the Walters farm, to secure the finest nuts for our nougat. Our relationships with our partnering farmers have been so successful that we are now able to offer high quality nuts, surplus to our own needs, to other confectionery manufacturers for local and export markets.